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    [TUT] How to recolor a throne [TUT]


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    [TUT] How to recolor a throne [TUT]

    Post  superstar911 on Sun Sep 06, 2009 9:35 pm

    Hey guys i am superstar911 this is my first Tutorial on this therad, I am going to teach you how to Recolor and customize a throne I will probaly edit this on how to make a cct for this as well hopefully.. Lets begin.

    Step One

    OK guys first is that you can a pic of a throne you can basically get any throne on google but i will give you one right now...

    Step Two

    You can open paint and open your throne file

    Step Three

    Now you can do what ever you want to it but first we will start with recoloring you are going to need 5 diffrent shades I will make a Lime green throne since i already have premade with the shades..

    NOTE: The five shades is for the seat part were the red is,also that this is my five colors for my custom you can use what ever five colors you want for what ever colors like purple,blue etc

    Step Four

    Ok once you are done coloring the seat part you want to usally do it Darkest part of seat= Darkest part of green shade then so on and so on.. Then you shoudl get something like this..

    Step Five

    Ok now next you want to color the arm rest and back part of the throne for this you will basically need four diffrent shades here is a example of what i did i am making the back part black..

    Step Six

    OK after you have colored the back part of the trone Dark part=Darkest black then so on and so on your final copy shoud look somethign like this unless you did your shading diffrent,


    Ok now after your throne is done you can customize that middle part like you have seen my center part has a I but this is for my hotel but I WILL NOT tell you the link no matter what, if you want to learn how to customize that middle part private message me here on the fourms and if i get enough peopel that i think is right i will make another TUT about how to customize it picture by pitcure..

    NOTE: All pitcures all by me superstar911 and part of my custom line that will hopefully be coming out soon

    P.S. Please comment and Rate on how helpfull this was king farao Basketball

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